Industrial Cleaning Equipment

Find industrial cleaning equipment to eliminate dirt and grime

Cleanliness is a virtue in every industry, but keeping the workplace clean won't be easy without the proper equipment. Industrial cleaning will demand more than a duster and a broom—from heavy-duty floor cleaners to industry-specific air filtration, industrial cleaning equipment must be powerful enough to deal with the hazards surrounding workplace machinery. Discover which equipment will be appropriate for your industry, and in some cases, what will be required by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to ensure a safe and healthy work environment.

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Industrial Floor Cleaning

An industrial sweeper should be powerful enough to handle stubborn grime but maneuverable enough to clean around your office or warehouse without a hassle. Walk-behind sweepers are the smaller models that are pushed across the floor, and are often fitted with both sweeping and scrubbing mechanisms. If you need to remove a substantial amount of dirt or debris, some models will function as industrial vacuum cleaners as well.

A compact battery-powered sweeper or scrubber is a good choice for narrow aisles, but it won't be able to handle a large area very efficiently—larger warehouses will need a ride-on industrial sweeper or scrubber, which can range from a compact battery-operated machine to a gas-powered vehicle that can cover a large space fairly quickly.

A sweeper is great for smooth, solid floors, but what about porous surfaces? In some cases, an industrial steam cleaner will be necessary to remove tough dirt and stains. Look for a model that has adjustable temperature and pressure controls for versatility and the "continuous refill" feature if you will need to use the steam cleaner for long periods of time. For those messes that defy steam, you'll need an industrial hose that uses pressure to strip away dirt and bacteria—if hygiene is a major issue, choose a hose that can handle heat and mild detergents as well as pressure.

Industrial Air Cleaning

Although face masks or respirators can purify the air you breathe, they're not suited to every circumstance. The alternative is a cleaner that is designed to eliminate specific contaminants from the air around you; you'll need to choose an industrial air cleaner based on your specific work environment.

Welding produces smoke and toxic fumes such as hexavalent chromium that must be removed by either strong electrostatic air cleaners or overhead ducted filtration systems. The oil mist and smoke from machine tools will demand a different type of filter, preferably one that will attach directly to the tool itself in order to eliminate the debris right away. Grinding or polishing poses another difficulty, as the dust can plug up an air filter that is too small for the job. If you are unsure which size or style of air filter will be appropriate, consult the OSHA guide for specific legal requirements.