Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

Tackle big messes with industrial vacuums

Although every industry will need an industrial vacuum system, the specific features of each workplace will demand a certain type of vacuum. From filters to suction, the right vacuum cleaner for your business must be able to handle the specific particles in the air and on surfaces, and will need to maintain power for an extended period of time. The wrong industrial vacuum will not only result in a waste of time, it can leave your business at risk for certain disaster. Learn what kind of industrial vacuums are available and which will be the right choice for your workplace.

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Industrial Vacuum Systems

Industrial vacuum systems can be generally categorized as either portable or centralized. The right vacuum for your workplace will depend on the type of material to be collected and the area you need to maintain. Portable systems can be nearly as small as household models or large enough to be moved around the facility with the help of forklifts or overhead cranes. Central vacuum systems will be more appropriate for moving high volumes of material or if many workers will need to use the system at the same time. An industrial carpet cleaner will be necessary to clean, deodorize and even dry the carpet in your workplace.

Some important features to consider are the duty cycle, the filter system and storage requirements of the vacuum. The duty cycle is determined by how long it will run at a time and how long it will last. Most industrial vacuum systems larger than 5 horsepower use motors that will run continuously for years, but different brands will have different life spans. The filter system will need to be appropriate for the size and type of dust it will handle, and you will need to consider how much cleaning they will require. Portable systems will typically use filter bags that will need to be shaken out periodically. Lastly, be sure that the storage area is sufficient for the type and amount of material the vacuum will collect.

Specialized Industrial Vacuums

A small spark could result in a combustible dust explosion in any industry where the dust is formed from an explosive or flammable material, which can be anything from the sugar and cinnamon dust found in a food manufacturing facility to zinc or magnesium dusts left by machinery. OSHA estimates that there are about 30,000 facilities in the United States that are at risk for a dust explosion. If you are not sure whether your industry creates these potentially explosive dust particles, contact a private testing agency to investigate your workplace.

It is dangerous to assume that any industrial vacuum will be a safe choice for the job, as the collection of dust and debris can lead to a disaster and will demand a specific type of cleaner. Heavy-duty industrial vacuum cleaners will help to rid your workplace of dust and debris, but in some cases an explosion-proof vacuum will be necessary. If your facility falls under a Class I or Class II category in the OSHA manual, you will likely need a vacuum that has gone through extensive testing to ensure that every part is grounded and built from non-sparking materials.