Industrial Equipment

Find the industrial tools you need to get the job done

Industrial equipment and industrial machinery power the economically vital manufacturing and construction industries. They are used to streamline and automate processes, improve safety on job sites and reduce the amount of physical labor needed to complete important tasks.

Purchasing industrial supplies and industrial tools is a major undertaking, especially when you're first starting a new business. While this task is usually left to a purchaser with highly specialized skills, there are a few basic tips everyone involved in the process should know.

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Selecting Industrial Equipment

When you're buying industrial automation equipment, supplies and tools, not all options are made equal. It is very important that you invest the time in properly researching all your options.

No matter whether you're buying cranes or forklifts, gravity conveyors or vacuum pumps, the manufacturer's reputation is something you need to take into close consideration.

If a certain manufacturer or supplier is known for creating quality machinery that stands the test of time and delivers excellent value over a sustained period, it will be worth investing in their products. You might save some money on the initial price of a comparable machine of inferior quality, but once you take maintenance, repairs and replacement costs into account, it's unlikely that you'll save in the long run. It's also better to choose a manufacturer that offers post-sales support. This includes everything from help with implementation and training (if needed) to warranties and customer service.

Get a Good Price on Industrial Machinery

If you're going to buy new industrial machinery (as opposed to used), one proven strategy for saving money is to purchase it directly from the manufacturer. By eliminating the middleman, you could save thousands of dollars. Not all manufacturers offer direct sales to end customers, though, so you'll have to contact each individual industrial machinery company to learn about their sales policies.

You can also save by buying used industrial equipment instead of new. Industrial machinery is like a new car – it loses a good chunk of its value the second it leaves the showroom. There are specialized suppliers that sell used industrial supplies and industrial tools, or you can find a company that's going out of business or replacing its old equipment and negotiate a sale with them.