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If you're in charge of equipment maintenance, it's important that you have a good working understanding of the various forklift parts. This will help you identify potential problems and make it easier to work with suppliers and repair personnel if you ever need to replace broken-down components.

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Additionally, there is a wide range of forklift attachments, forklift extensions and accessories available to improve the functionality of your machine. These forklift accessories offer an effective way to improve the versatility of your forklift without spending a lot of extra money.

Major Components of a Counterbalanced Forklift

The major forklift parts of a counterbalanced machine designed to seat a single operator are:

  • The frame. Typically, the frame consists of an open design that houses the axles, wheels, power source, roof and mast. Unless the truck is involved in an accident, the forklift frame should never require maintenance or repair.
  • The counterbalance. Also called a counterweight, this component is extremely important as it offsets the effect of the weight of the load being lifted. Usually, it is made of cast iron, and it is always attached to the rear of the forklift's frame.
  • The cab. Covered by an overhead guard, the cab is where the operator sits and it houses the mast controls, steering wheel, gas pedal and brake.
  • The power source. Electric models use forklift batteries for power, while models with internal combustion engines can be fuelled by a range of gasoline variants and diesels.

Forklift Attachments, Forklift Extensions and Other Accessories

Some of the most useful accessories for forklifts include forklift extensions, which can be used to increase the range and versatility of the actual forks. This allows you to lift and move a wider range of materials, and can increase the weight-bearing capacity of your forklift.

If you need to use the vehicle both inside and outside of your facility, you'll have to install a forklift ramp. This will allow you to safely transition from indoor to outdoor environments. Spare forklift tires are also useful to have on hand. Just be sure you know whether your model uses cushion tires or pneumatic tires.

Finally, be sure to familiarize yourself with the selection of side-shifters, rotators, fork positioners and pole attachments on the market. If you need enhanced capability from your current forklift, these products will greatly improve your machine's versatility.

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