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Generators are an important tool for any business, whether you're using them on a regular basis or if you're just keeping a power generator around for emergencies. There are many different types of generators, and the one you choose will depend on your business and how the generator is used.

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How generators work is not a complicated process. Basically, a generator works by converting mechanical energy (for example, steam, wind, combustion, etc.) into electrical energy that you can use to power your machinery, some power tools or even your office. You can also find generators that can hook up to your vehicle and translate the power from the engine into electrical power. Generators also come in different sizes, so you can customize the power supply you need and you don't end up wasting energy or fuel.

Generator Sets

Generator sets are used wherever power is needed most. That means whether you're working out in the field or simply experiencing an unusual power outage, a generator set can keep your lights shining. Many companies prefer the engine-powered generator set, simply because it is reliable and easy to use. The right set will start easily and run cleanly, saving you money on fuel and maintenance. When choosing an engine-powered generator set, look for a provider that offers the most kW per cylinder, so that your power options are flexible.

Quiet Generators

The biggest complaint about any generator, especially if it is being used for long periods of time, is the noise. Whether you're powering your RV or keeping your coolers running in a power outage, quiet generators are worth their weight in gold!

Some companies manufacture quiet or low-noise generators, specifically those who cater their machines to personal use, such as RV generators or emergency generators. One thing you should look for is anti-vibration material. Any anti-vibration pads will help reduce the noise of a running generator and will also help maintain the machine and lengthen its running life.

Another thing to consider when looking for quiet generators is the fuel or power source. Diesel generators cost less to run and may last longer than a gas generator, but they are also louder.

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