Diesel Generator

Back up your energy supply with a diesel power generator

Diesel generators are a common tool used in a variety of industries. Whether you require more power than your average business or you simply don't have access to traditional power supplies, a diesel power generator can be a quick and inexpensive solution to your energy problem.

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In comparison to a gas generator, you will generally find that a diesel generator is cheaper to run. Although diesel typically costs more than natural gas, it is of a higher density than gas and provides more energy per unit. This means that while the initial bill to fuel your generator may be higher than if you had a gas-powered generator, you will see that bill less often with a diesel generator. Even more, because diesel offers more power per unit, you can operate a small diesel generator to obtain the same results as a larger gas generator.

Portable Diesel Generators

Portable diesel generators are a popular choice because diesel is less combustible than many other forms of fuel. Diesel is also a good source of lubrication for your engine and so you may find your generator requires less maintenance than those with other types of fuel.

Keep in mind, though, that due to their size and weight, portable generators don't tend to last as long as larger, less mobile generators. You will find that most portable generators have roughly a 1,500 hour lifespan. Larger generators that are installed in a specific location can sometimes last up to 10,000 hours. Portable generators are also not as quiet as larger generators, since manufacturers leave out many of the exhaust and noise-reducing elements in order to keep the unit light-weight.

Diesel Generator Set

A diesel generator set is the combination of a diesel engine, a generator to transform the diesel power into electric power, and all the odds and ends you need to efficiently run your generator, such as a base, and starting and control systems. You can easily save money on your generator by purchasing a generator set because it includes all the little pieces of equipment you need and may not have thought to buy.

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