Electrical Generators

Satisfy your energy needs with an electric generator

Electrical generators can be vital to the successful operation of your home or business, especially when you have unusual power needs or aren't able to access traditional power providers. The great thing about an electric power generator is that you can use a number of different mechanical power sources to generate electricity.

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Using an electric generator, you can turn water, wind, light, fossil fuels or even manual human power into enough electricity to run lights and any other equipment that requires electric energy. A generator can be run on completely renewable energy, making it the most effective and efficient power solution when it comes to cost and environmental concerns.

Your first choice when shopping for an electric generator is the type of fuel you will use. There are benefits to each different type of fuel available for your generator. You may choose a diesel generator for its reliability and long lifespan or you may choose a natural gas generator for its environmental efficiency and cost. The type of generator you choose will depend on where and how you're using it.

DC Generator

There are two types of electricity that can be produced by your generator: AC or DC. AC and DC refer to the direction of flow of electricity. AC electrons flow in a variety of directions and the power generated tends to be able to travel farther than that generated by DC electrons before losing power. DC electrons only flow in a forward direction and, as such, can lose their power easier than AC electrons.

AC generators are the most common these days, simply because it is safer to send power over longer distances with them. However, there are still many uses for a DC generator. Many of today's electronics work with DC batteries and come with adaptors to transform the AC power from your outlet to the DC power needed to run the equipment.

Portable Electric Generators

When choosing portable electric generators, first consider the type you need. There is a difference between recreational generators for your RV or cottage, emergency generators for your home or business, and industrial or professional generators used in a variety of industries for regular and emergency power needs. You should also take into consideration the size of the portable generator unit, as well as the wattage provided. Customize your choice of generator to best suit the job you expect to complete.

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