Gas Generator

Go with a gas generator for portable power

There are several different types of gas generators available on the market. Each is designed with a particular use in mind, so you should shop carefully when you're looking for a portable power source.

Gas generators are great for when you're working far away from a traditional power source, or for when there is a power outage and you need additional sources. Quieter than a diesel generator and more portable than a wind turbine, a gas generator is a relatively inexpensive option to provide all your power needs.

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The most important thing to consider when looking at gas-powered generators is the emissions level. As with any combustion engine, there has to be a way for exhaust to escape, so you need to make sure that your gas generator is situated in a well-ventilated area. Another way you can deal with emissions is to look for what is referred to as a lean-burn generator. These generators run on a lean mixture of fuel and air, which reduces emissions and allows the machine to run more effectively with less waste.

Natural Gas Generators

Natural gas generators are the wave of the future. They are cleaner and more efficient than traditional generator fuels like coal or oil. There are fewer emissions involved in running a natural gas generator, and you will also find that there are fewer odors that result from continued usage. It has been shown time and again in lab tests and in real life operation that natural gas generators use, on average, 40 percent less fuel to run. You can also find portable models that run on natural gas, using a tank similar to a propane or oil tank.

Portable Gas Generators

Portable gas generators are always useful to have around. Whether you keep one around the cottage for the occasional power failure, or you use your portable generator on a regular basis, it is a cheap and efficient way to access power wherever you are. As you shop for your portable generator, consider things such as the size and how portable it actually is, as well as style and wattage. Customize the generator you buy to the ways in which you will use it.

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