Onboard Air Compressor

Hit the road with a portable air compressor

Onboard air compressors are compact and portable. They're small enough to take just about anywhere, yet powerful enough to produce compressed air with very high pounds per square inch (p.s.i.) ratings. Portable air compressors can also be used to fill up air tanks and create a sort of pressurized air reserve for later consumption.

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These compressed air systems are very versatile, and many models feature adjustable p.s.i. rates to ensure you can get air with the right pressure at the right time. Especially powerful yet still portable and small air compressors are also available, though their extra punch does usually come with a premium price tag.

Uses for Onboard Air Compressors

Onboard air compressors are versatile pieces of equipment that can come in very handy. They can be used to run pneumatic power tools, operate air lockers, fill reserve air tanks and inflate tires. You can also use portable air compressors to quickly blow dust and debris off surfaces and to inflate airbags or air-powered mixing machines.

One of the key advantages of portable air compressors is that most models offer life-cycle savings. In other words, their efficiency increases the more you use them. You can purchase models that will not put wear on any working air compressor part, guaranteeing a long life and high performance.

Portable Air Compressor Options

One of the most popular options is the 12-volt air compressor, which can be plugged right into a cigarette lighter or other dozen-volt power source to instantly generate compressed air. These units are small, inexpensive and efficient, and are perfect if you want to meet immediate needs on a limited budget.

High-output onboard air compressors are a bit bigger and more expensive, and they also require more energy to run. However, they provide compressed air with very high p.s.i. ratings, so if you specifically require portability as well as compressed air of 100 p.s.i. or more, one of these machines is your best bet.

You can also get onboard air compressors that are permanently mounted. These are ideal for aircraft, transport trucks and any other type of vehicle that gets heavy use in industrial or commercial settings.

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