Paint Stripper

Find a paint remover to suit your business needs

Paint removal, regardless of the surface, can be tricky, and the best way to approach it is simply to find the right paint remover. You could always hire someone to come and get the paint off, but if you're trying to be cost-effective, or if you have to remove paint on a regular basis, you may want to handle the job on your own. There are several options to choose from, including manually removing the paint with a paint scraper, or using chemical paint strippers. The best way to remove paint will depend on what you're removing it from.

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Which Paint Removal Method Should You Use?

Manually removing paint with a scraper is called the abrasive method. Thermal removal involves heating the paint up to make it easier to remove with a scraper. Chemical methods are typically used only when there are large amounts of paint to be stripped. These methods involve chemically dissolving the existing paint and scraping or sanding it off.

Stubborn Paint Removal

The newest paints on the market are designed to be durable and long-lasting, especially those used as an industrial coating. That's great when you have the paint you want, where you want it. If, however, you need to get rid of that paint, the chemicals used to make it durable can become your worst enemy. You should be particularly careful if the product you're stripping the paint from is sensitive or delicate. There are special paint removers available which are made from fewer chemicals, and you can use these on items that may be damaged by traditional paint strippers.

You also need to be concerned about the environmental impact of removing the paint, and any chemicals you use to get the job done. You also have to take into consideration how you're going to dispose of the removed paint and used chemicals.

Another concern you have to address when removing paint is safety. Whether you're doing the job yourself or you've hired someone to complete the task, removing paint involves a lot of different chemicals that can be harmful to skin and lungs. You need to have the proper safety gear, such as eye protection and face masks, to ensure that no one gets hurt or sick.