Floor Jack

Raise standards with quality floor jacks

Floor jacks are a standard tool for an auto mechanic, though you may find a number of different models in homes and businesses as well. A floor jack, or a jack stand, can be used in home construction to raise floors and walls or support sagging foundations. However, a jack isn't a permanent solution to these home problems, and should only be used as support while you repair the damage with a lasting fix.

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Auto buffs, professionals, and even armchair mechanics also like floor jacks because they are convenient, portable and reliable. These lifts can provide the additional push power needed to raise up tons of weight! Floor jacks are typically a relatively inexpensive tool to pick up, and can be used for so many different jobs that no do-it-yourselfer should be without.

Car Jacks

The most important aspect of using your car jack is safety. No matter what type of floor jack you choose to use, you have to ensure that there is a firm and level surface for you put the jack on. You also want to make sure that when you're working with vehicles, your jack isn't getting in the way and it can't be pushed or jarred by any moving car parts. You may also want to put a large, flat surface, such as a piece of plywood, in the spot where the car meets the jack. This will increase the contact surface, and will also provide additional support for the vehicle.

Finally, the key to working with a floor car jack is to double-check everything before you put yourself in harm's way. Don't climb under your lifted vehicle until you're sure that both the car and the jack are secure.

Hydraulic Floor Jacks

A hydraulic floor jack works on the same principles as a hydraulic jack. Using the pressure built up by pushing fluid, typically oil, into a chamber, even the smallest hydraulic floor jack can lift upwards of 20 tons. Although not as portable as a traditional scissor jack (because of the lines that are required to move the fluid through the mechanism), they are still a great option for working on your vehicle when you're at home.