Boom Lifts

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Boom lifts, also known as cherry pickers, hydra-ladders and basket cranes, are specialized industrial platforms that are most often used to elevate workers to high levels. These aerial lifts are usually mounted on vehicles (and are a common feature of fire trucks), in which case they're typically called bucket lifts. You can also get models that are stationary or mobile, and self-propelled boom lifts are yet another option.

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The design of aerial boom lifts is fairly simple. A bucket or platform, which is has a protective encasing, is attached to a large scissor lift or boom arm. The arm can be raised, lowered, extended or retracted as needed to help a person get to the exact spot they need to reach to perform the task at hand.

Types of Aerial Boom Lifts

Three common classifications of boom lifts are the straight boom, the articulating boom and the towable boom. As the name implies, straight boom lifts are mounted on rigid arms that have little (if any) telescoping capability. Articulating booms are more flexible in their positional ranges, and can be extended or retracted with greater precision. Towable boom lifts can be hitched onto the back of a vehicle, and typically have a relatively limited maximum reach but offer excellent positional flexibility.

Of course, truck-mounted aerial boom lifts are also available. They are a common feature of construction equipment (vehicles, specifically), as well as fire trucks, rescue vehicles and repair trucks.

Purchase an Aerial Lift

Aerial lift manufacturers offer a wide range of products with different applications, designs and capabilities. If you are unsure which type of boom lift would best suit your needs, you should contact a knowledgeable professional to discuss your situation and ensure you purchase the equipment that makes the best match.

The age-old debate of new versus used equipment applies to boom lifts as well. New boom lifts are protected by warranties, but are more expensive. Used boom lifts will save you some money up front, but may have hidden problems, require repairs or break down quickly, leading to additional expenditures you could have avoided by buying new. In the end, the best course of action is to explore all the possibilities and pursue the option that makes the most financial and logistic sense.

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