Scissor Lift

Learn about scissor lifts and scissor lift parts

A scissor lift provides powerful load-bearing solutions which have a wide range of applications in all sorts of industrial environments. The simplest example is the scissor lift table, which is commonly used in manufacturing, processing and loading facilities to raise and lower heavy loads. More complex examples include scissor lift trailers and large aerial work platforms, which extend as high as several stories.

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The defining feature of a scissor lift is its foldable support arms, which are linked in a scissor-type pattern. Hydraulic technology is most frequently used to power the extendable arms, though pneumatic and rack-and-pinion scissor lift parts are also available.

Uses of Scissor Lifts

As they provide excellent platform stability and a great deal of lifting power, scissor lifts are primarily used to elevate heavy materials from ground level to the necessary height. In shipping, in warehouses and on loading docks, they're often used in conjunction with forklifts to move bulky, heavy loads.

Scissor lift trailers can also be used to elevate personnel to a certain height needed to perform work or repairs. Large scissor lifts are commonly used in building restoration, window and roofing repair, and construction.

Scissor Lift Safety

When using scissor lifts, it is very important that the operator is properly trained. Incorrect use of a scissor lift can have disastrous consequences, both in terms of workplace injuries and loss of valuable materials or merchandise.

It is recommended that you use scissor lift skirts to protect the equipment's working parts, keeping dirt and debris away from the lift's scissor arms. These accessories are available from dealers and manufacturers for a modest extra charge, and can greatly extend the life of your scissor lift.

Seek scissor lift repair service, either from the manufacturer or dealer or a licensed third party, at the first sign of trouble. You definitely don't want to risk using a scissor lift that may have weak, broken or otherwise compromised arms. Always perform an inspection of your scissor lift prior to using it, and test it out with something light and inexpensive before loading heavy materials or personnel onto the platform.

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