Packaging Containers

Find out about the types of packaging containers available

Packaging your product, especially if you're a small business owner, can be one of the most complicated and costly aspects of your operation. There are so many different types of packaging containers and materials, each with their own particular specialty, it can make you feel bubbleheaded about bubble wrap!

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Your first step in choosing a packaging container is to decide which form of packaging best suits your product. Packaging boxes are very common and versatile, while a packaging bag might be more decorative but is also more limited in which products it should be used for. Does your product require the protection and individual compartments that blister packaging can provide, or would shrink wrap packaging be better?

When packaging your product, you have to consider what is best for the item based on how fragile it is, where it's traveling to, and who is going to be handling it. However, remember that the packaging container isn't the only protection for your product during transportation, since you will likely also be using shipping containers.

Packaging Box or Packaging Bag

When it comes to comparing boxes and bags, you should be looking at the fragility of your item. Anything that is easily breakable shouldn't be shipped in a bag, since a bag doesn't offer the firm protection of a box. You can also more easily pack protection, such as bubble wrap or styrofoam, into a box.

If your product isn't especially breakable, you may choose a packaging bag because it tends to be less expensive and easier to handle. Bags are also great if you want to make your product presentation look great, since they are easily decorated and can be printed with custom colors or logos, or can be transparent to show off more of the product inside. Of course, the look of the package won't be as important if you are packaging something like parts to suppliers or other products that end up being stored on an industrial rack.

Bags and boxes can also be combined in packaging: in the case of liquids, for example, many companies go with a bag-and-box option, which packages the liquid directly into a bag, but protects the bag inside a box.

Blister Packaging and Shrink Wrap

Blister packaging and shrink wrap are considered more custom packaging solutions. Blister packaging and shrink wrap are applied directly to your product, so you don't have to mess around with trying to figure out the right size of box or bag.

Blister packaging and shrink wrap are also great options for any product that needs to be sealed and protected from air or water, because they tightly contain the item and don't allow the elements (or any accidents) to get at it.