Packaging Materials

Pack your product perfectly with the right packaging supplies

Packaging your product doesn't simply involve the container itself: the packaging materials you use to protect and deliver your item are just as important as what it comes in.

There is no faster road to a dissatisfied customer than sending a damaged or compromised product. Packaging supplies can ensure that your product is delivered in the exact same condition as it left your building.

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The important things to consider include how fragile your item is, how far it has to travel and who will be the handler. If you prepare for the worst when you package your product, you will be guaranteed the best when your customer receives his or her order.

Packaging Adhesives

Efficient and effective adhesives, such as packaging tape, are important to keep your package sealed and all your items in place. You should be especially selective about your packaging adhesives if your item has several parts, since the worst thing that could happen is that your package opens and pieces are lost. The adhesive you use must interact well with the materials it has to stick to – some tapes may adhere better to packaging paper than to packaging plastic, for example.

When you're looking at packaging adhesives, you should keep in mind how far the package is traveling and how it's getting there. A product dropped in the mail and shipped across town isn't going to require the type of heavy-duty adhesive that an item traveling overseas will, simply because there won't be as many hands – or as many chances for mishap – involved. Of course, that's not to say that the package you're shipping across town doesn't also need proper sealing.

Packaging Foam

Protective items like packaging foam can guard your product against damage during shipping or storage on warehouse pallet shelving. The amount of protective packaging, as well as the type you choose, will depend on the fragility of your product.

The most fragile items require close packaging, such as packaging foam wrapped individually around the pieces. On the other hand, if you just want to protect your product from the everyday bumps and bruises of shipping and handling, some foam packaging peanuts tossed in on top of your packaging container might sufficiently do the trick.