Use pallets to move your product safely

Pallets, sometimes referred to as skids, are an easy and helpful loading, storing and shipping tool. Typically made of wood (though plastic pallets are also available), pallets provide a sturdy, fixed surface which will allow you to stack and wrap your product, and prepare it for shipping.

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Pallets are great when you need to organize bigger items, or large volumes of product. Pallet sizes are standardized, which means you will always know how large your surface area is. This may also help you design your shipping methods, since you can be guaranteed that the same amount of product will always fit on your pallets.

Pallet Boxes

Pallet boxes take the safety and convenience of a pallet and increases those factors by securing a frame, usually steel or aluminum (sometimes wood) to the top. This enhances the amount of security and stability you can rely on when packing your product. It also makes shipping easier, since you don't have to worry about a pallet wrapper, collapsed pallets or damaged product.

Pallet boxes are especially useful if you have a tall storage area for your product. The box provides additional stacking stability, so that you can pile your product higher without worrying about collapse or damage. The important part of the pallet box is its flexibility. The best boxes are collapsible, which will save on space and make the pallets easier to move around when not in use. These boxes are also incredibly strong when they're assembled, so you know your product is safe.

Pallet Materials

A wooden pallet is the traditional tool most companies use when stacking and shipping products. However, recent technological developments in plastic pallets have given the typical wooden pallet a run for its money.

Some industry leaders feel that plastic pallets are the wave of the future, since they tend to be a longer-lasting product. There have also been concerns about the flammability of wooden pallets, as well as the possible contamination of products, in comparison to the more flame-retardant and pest-resistant plastic versions. However, wooden pallets can be treated with different chemicals to address these problems.