Pallet Wrapper

Find pallet wrap and pallet wrappers to suit your needs

At the end of the manufacturing line, as you're preparing your product for shipping, sits your pallet wrappers. They seem like simple machines, but your pallet wrap, or your stretch wrapper, can be the make or break of your logistics chain. A stretch-wrapped pallet is more secure, less prone to damage, and makes your load or order more identifiable and easily organized.

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Pallet shrink wrap is incredibly important because it is your company's last stand against poor shipping results. Whether you're shipping a large amount of product, or simply shipping a single large or fragile item, the right shrink wrapper can ensure that your product is delivered in the same condition it left your building.

Pallet Shrink Wrap

Pallet shrink wrap is a thin plastic material that is wrapped around your load and the pallet in order to keep your product secure and free from damage. While there is no way to guarantee that your load will be shipped and received completely unharmed, wrapping your pallets can minimize damage and prevent the loss or separation of items in an order.

When wrapping your pallet, it's important to pay attention to the materials you're using. Your pallet needs to be the right size for your load, and the boxes you pack your product in must fit on the pallet and not stick out in odd angles which can tear your shrink wrap. Plus, the wrap you use must be durable enough to withstand the wrapping and shipping process.

You also want to make sure that you pack your pallet as closely as possible. If you reduce the amount of space in between your items or the boxes that you've packed onto the pallet, you reduce the amount of space available for those items to shift and compromise the wrap.

Stretch Wrappers

Wrapping a pallet can be difficult work due to the size and often awkward shapes of a load. You can fix this problem easily by purchasing packaging equipment such as an automatic stretch wrapper. This machine can bend and fold the wrap in a variety of ways, and you can program it to function the same way each time it wraps a pallet. The fewer human hands that touch your shipment, the less chance there is for error.