Vacuum Pumps

Find an electric vacuum pump to get the job done

Vacuum pumps use suction as their primary mode of action. They have been in use for centuries and are, in fact, one of the earliest pump types ever developed. Today's vacuum pumps use three main modes of action to achieve their suction power: positive displacement, momentum transfer and entrapment.

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Positive displacement vacuum pumps use expansion and contraction within the pump chamber to stimulate movement. Momentum transfer pumps (also known as molecular pumps) use fluids and rapidly moving blades to stimulate the movement of substances on a molecular level. Entrapment vacuum pumps physically trap small amounts of the mess to be pumped away, and their moving parts stimulate suction that cleans up the mess bit by bit.

Performance Characteristics of Vacuum Pumps

As is the case with drum pumps, metering pumps and just about every other type of industrial pump, the pumping speed is a key element of performance. Technically speaking, the pumping speed refers to the rate at which volume flows through the pump at its inlet. It is typically measured in volume per unit of time (gallons per minute, for example).

The second performance measure in a vacuum pump is its throughput. The throughput rate refers to the actual pumping speed at which the pump can force liquid through the inlet. It is measured as follows: pressure multiplied by volume, divided by unit of time.

In both cases, the higher the rating, the more powerful the pump.

More Examples of Vacuum Pumps

There are many different types of vacuum pumps available, from small hand vacuum pumps designed to help you tackle light- to medium-duty jobs, to powerful electric vacuum pumps which are capable of moving even the thickest, most viscous messes.

Dry vacuum pumps use a combination of compression and rotation amid a network of rotors as their primary mode of action. Oil-free dry vacuum pumps are a relative newcomer on the scene and boast the ability to move difficult pools of standing liquid without the use of any lubricants. Finally, liquid ring vacuum pumps use induction motors and the principles of positive displacement to suck messes away.