Utility Cart

Haul your tools with utility carts

The best stocked garage is useless unless you have a way to move all your parts and tools around. Utility carts, or tool carts, can make all your tools and accessories more accessible. Industrial carts can be used for a variety of jobs, and come in a number of different shapes and sizes, so you can gain additional storage for your tools and parts, and reduce clutter in your garage or workshop. There are a number of different retailers who stock utility carts, from your local small town hardware store to your professional automotive repair retailer.

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Tool Carts

Tool carts and tool trolleys are vital to the do-it-yourselfer. These carts are designed to increase the storage space, organization and efficiency of your workspace, while also providing convenience and portability. Some rolling tool carts have the capacity to store hundreds of tools.

You can even shop for a completely portable work bench, which would provide you with additional work space and portable storage. Many are lockable, so you can take your tools to the worksite with you and not worry about anything going missing. The best portable work benches will come stocked with clamps and electrical outlets, as well, and some are large enough to even store a jack.

The tool cart you choose will depend on exactly which tools you're storing and how much portability you need. Decide which is more important – space or mobility – and then decide on the size and model of your tool cart from there.

Electric Utility Cart

An electric utility cart is especially useful for people who need to organize their parts, accessories and tools, but also have a need for portability. Gardeners and mechanics alike can appreciate the convenience of a mobile cart. There are all kinds of different options available when you're shopping for an electric utility cart. You can choose from two- and four-wheel models, from one- to four-seat models, and you have a choice between carts and cars.

The electric utility cart you choose will depend on your needs. There are carts specifically designed for different applications, including golf carts, hobby farms and hunting carts. You can even find some street-legal electric utility carts!