Safety Gear

Safety clothing is always in style

A huge percentage of workplace injuries can be prevented with the right protective gear, but it can be difficult to determine exactly what is needed for a given job. There are a number of factors to keep in mind when shopping for safety clothing: What hazards will you meet with most often? What is the climate like in your workplace? How much protection do you really need for a given task? The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) also has particular requirements for each industry – learn what to look for and where to find the safety gear that will prevent injury in your workplace.

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Protective Gear for the Workplace

Whether you work on a construction site or in a warehouse, chances are you will be exposed to falling objects or other potential impacts to your head. OSHA requires workers to wear properly fitted and maintained hard hats that are designed for their specific industry. Hard hats are categorized by the degree of protection that they offer against general hazards and electric shock, and some models are designed with particular environmental factors in mind.

Your hands and your vision require just as much protection as your head; safety glasses and safety gloves also come in a range of classes and styles to serve every type of job. Since safety glasses often need to be worn with a hard hat, you may want to explore a variety of styles or opt for customized safety gear. Puncture-resistant material is necessary to protect hands against gashes and defend eyes against sharp flying objects.

Protective clothing is made from a variety of fabrics designed to stand up to certain circumstances. Kevlar has become a popular choice for work gloves, as it is much more resistant to cuts than leather, while suits can be fashioned out of materials like Chemrel and Nomex to protect against hazardous chemicals, solvents and gases. The strongest barrier comes with multi-layer material made from heavy-duty plastics, which is often used as a coating for protective clothing.

Find the Right Safety Clothing

Some protective gear is not intended to be quite as resilient as a hard hat or steel toe boots, but is just as important. The function of a safety vest is to keep harmful elements far away rather to protect against contact with sharp or hazardous material. This means that it should be very brightly colored, but it should also fit well and provide a full range of motion.

From hard hats to work gloves, the safety gear that you wear should be comfortable and fit properly. Uncomfortable gear will often lead to workers opting to work without it, and this is when injuries happen. Most protective pieces need to be fitted to each individual and should be adjustable. Be sure to try out the product before you buy it, and look for the appropriate safety ratings and symbols. Purchase your gear from reputable companies to ensure that it will live up to its promises and comply with OSHA standards.