Safety Products

Guide to industrial safety products and supplies

To avoid a variety of industrial hazards in your work environment, you need a selection of personal and workplace safety products. From signs to safety gear, there are many products to choose from, and it can be difficult to know which are fundamental to a safe workplace. Begin by researching which safety equipment that labor and safety laws require you to use – different states will have different chemical labeling standards, and certain industries need specific signage. Learn about what to look for in different safety products, and how to ensure that your workplace meets legal safety standards.

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Industrial Safety Products

Clear and visible signs are a good start to any industrial safety program, and in some cases they are necessary to comply with legal requirements. In addition to keeping safety signs and posters where they can be seen easily and often, you will need to invest in safety manuals that are accessible to all employees. Be sure that all your safety manuals meet current Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) standards to better prevent serious mishaps, and to protect your business in case a tragic accident should occur.

Personal Safety Equipment

Personal safety equipment is necessary for each employee, such as fall protection equipment for employees working at any height from which they could accidentally fall and be injured. Look into reputable companies that offer a good-quality product – this is one area where you don't want to skimp! Be sure that the safety gear is in good working order, and investigate any additions or updates to OSHA requirements surrounding safety equipment.

Even if you take all due precautions, accidents can happen, and you will want to have adequate supplies on hand to take care of the consequences. An OSHA-certified industrial first aid kit is an essential safety tool and includes everything from bandages to medicine and antiseptic cream. Purchase a kit that carries enough safety supplies to treat all employees, and be sure that it can cover any hazards that are specific to your industry.

To purchase safety equipment for your workplace, visit an industrial supply store in your area to compare different products. Alternatively, you can order most industrial safety supplies online. In fact, some sites offer free downloadable posters and manuals that you can print yourself. Before you make your purchase, be sure that the website or product label indicates that it has met any safety requirements, and buy any personal safety equipment brand new from a trusted company.