Safety Signs

Guide to warning signs and safety symbols

Although many people realize that there are risks to their jobs, these dangers are often overlooked, and safety measures can be neglected. Sometimes the most straightforward procedures can be forgotten without a regular visual reminder, and so some clear and simple signs can work wonders for workplace safety. However, choosing your safety posters can be more difficult than you think: What kind of posters are the most useful? Are you required by law to use certain signs? To protect your workplace and everyone there, learn which safety posters can be highly effective.

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Important Safety Signs and Symbols

To begin, find out which compliance posters are necessary for your workplace. These are signs or symbols that federal or state labor laws require or recommend for each industry, designed to clearly notify employees of dangers and safety procedures. These will be mandatory for any business that has three or more employees on the payroll, but the laws will vary according to state and may be updated each year. You can research which posters are necessary, as well as any safety manuals that are good accompaniments, at the website for the United States Department of Labor.

In addition to the often lackluster mandatory notices and safety symbols, you can opt for some humorous or witty safety signs that still get the message across. These signs are often eye-catching and will be effective because they leave a lasting impression on employees. Whether you find a funny warning sign about a specific danger, or a reminder about safety equipment, make sure that the message is clear, visible and easily understood.

Safety sign flashcards are a good way to learn about the various safety signs, and they can be the best way to prepare for an evaluation that will test your recognition and understanding of important safety symbols. Look online for a printable set of safety flashcards, or visit a store that carries teacher's resources to find a more durable pack.

Where to Find Safety Posters

Depending on the type of safety sign you need, you may be able to simply download a design from one of many safety websites. Alternatively, you can order a glossy or laminated sign that will look professional and will stand up to wear and tear. For government compliance signs, you may want to consider purchasing a package of relevant compliance posters from a reputable poster company, which will save you the effort of regularly researching the labor laws of your state to keep everything up to date. They may also be able to distribute the sign packages to all of your business locations for you, and most companies will also offer discounts on shipping if your order surpasses a given cost.

If you want to design custom safety signs for your workplace yourself, look online for companies that allow you to submit a design or use an existing template as a base for your sign. Be sure that you check with the United States Department of Labor website to see if your design meets OSHA standards.