Safety Training

Learn about safety procedures and issues

A good safety program for any business should include a sound understanding of hazards and safety procedures. Although this may sound simple, it will require some planning and thoughtful execution—remember that every employee must follow the proper steps and be able to respond quickly to any accident.

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From online tutorials to safety consultation, there are numerous options for safety training. Regardless of the training method you choose, be sure that the program is up-to-date and meets Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) standards. Beyond that, simply find out which training method will fit with your industry, your workplace and your workforce.

Industrial Safety Program

If you have a well-established safety plan, you may simply need to update new employees, earn basic certification or refresh general knowledge with a crash course in safety issues. If this is the case, consider online safety training, which will offer convenient and specific training for your staff. For instance, if you are looking to get a 10-hour construction training card to comply with state safety laws, you can complete an online program that will provide the training and evaluation required by the Department of Labor.

For group learning, you may want to find safety training videos that are tailored to your industry. These videos are particularly helpful if you would like to familiarize your workforce with important safety issues that they might not encounter very often. For instance, your company may not deal with hazardous chemicals on a regular basis, but if something were to go wrong when you happen to be using them, you will need every employee to be able to act quickly. A video will also serve as a good source of reference and can prove that you have taken OSHA's requirements into consideration.

For the most inclusive and effective safety training you can get, go with safety consultants who can work with the unique features and habits of your company. A safety consultant will assess and improve your existing safety program, making sure to note any OSHA violation and taking steps to correct the situation. A consultant will be a welcome partner for any business owner who cannot find the time to implement a proper safety program on their own.

Find Safety Training Resources

You will find a number of websites that offer online training courses or safety training videos, so choose carefully. If you are after a specific kind of certification or OSHA training, look for a detailed website that promises to deliver the official certificate or card within a certain amount of time. Safety videos can be expensive, and you will want to avoid wasting your money on outdated or irrelevant films—order from a site that offers a free trial period or a guaranteed refund if you're not satisfied. Check local listings or other businesses to find a reputable safety consultant that can benefit your business, or browse online for an experienced firm that offers testimonials from previous clients to prove their worth.