Safety Training Videos

Find a safety video for your training needs

To ensure all employees have the same understanding of important workplace protocol, consider the advantages of safety training videos. A training video will likely be more captivating and memorable than a printed manual, and it can communicate the critical information to each employee much faster than a book. Many providers offer a library of updated safety videos that cover a variety of tasks in a variety of industries, but not all safety training videos are created equal. Learn why your workplace may need a training film and what you should look for in a safety video.

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About Safety Training Videos

From construction safety to hospital and healthcare safety, there is a safety video to suit your company's needs. However, it can be difficult to determine if a given video will work well for you, and OSHA-compliant safety videos can be quite pricey. The best way to find a safety video is to look for a company that will provide an online preview or will allow you to return the video if it isn't what you were looking for. If your budget can accommodate it, some companies will even produce a customized video for you if you cannot find an existing video that meets your needs.

Although every workplace would likely benefit from the training that a safety video offers, safety training is crucial for certain industries. Most workers know the benefits of safety gear such as hard hats and steel toe boots, but what about the importance of hazardous energy source control? Determine the specific elements of your industry that pose the highest risks and choose your safety training videos accordingly. You may be able to get a deal if you buy a package of videos covering a range of workplace hazards.

Chemical safety demands its own set of rules and methods. Although some companies will have familiar procedures and even special teams to handle sudden spills, some organizations may not deal with these situations often enough to warrant those kind of measures. A training video for spill containment will teach employees what to do if they are faced with a chemical spill, including hazard communication, emergency response and the five levels of OSHA's HAZMAT training. You can find such a video online—look for a DVD that also comes with safety posters and manuals that can be kept in the workplace for easy reference.

While most safety training videos can be purchased online, they generally come in a physical format—usually a DVD. However, some companies are now creating online safety videos, which can be downloaded directly from the Web, sometimes for free, sometimes for a nominal charge. These videos tend to be short and focus on one very specific safety message or procedure, so they are probably best used as refreshers rather than actual training materials, but they may signal a future trend in safety training.

OSHA Training Videos

The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) focuses on classroom-based training for government personnel at centers around the country, but many safety training videos from independent companies will meet OSHA requirements and will be more suitable for the general workforce. OSHA safety training is the best way to prevent injuries and reduce worker compensation claims in any industry, but especially in those with higher risk of workplace accidents. Be sure that the training program you choose is OSHA compliant in order to better protect yourself and your business.