Industrial Storage

Pack it all away with industrial storage equipment

The right industrial storage equipment will mean the difference between an efficient business and a stressful environment; you can save much time and energy if your product is stored in a well-laid-out system. Depending on your industry, you may need a few industrial storage bins or a warehouse full of industrial shelving, and in either case, you will have plenty of options. Most storage methods will be designed with a particular purpose in mind—find out which container will suit your product and which storage systems will suit your business routine.

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Industrial Storage Equipment

Regardless of the size of your workspace, industrial storage bins will work wonders for your efficiency and organization. Bins are often highly specialized for particular industrial needs, such as small parts storage for precise tools and materials or pallet tubs for heavy items. Stackable polyethylene or composite tubs will be perfect for transporting or shipping goods, and pallet tubs of the same material will stand up to industrial equipment and fit easily into pallet shelving.

From clothing to chemicals, an industrial locker is a good way to keep things safe and protected. Traditionally constructed of metal, an industrial locker can come in a simple box design for holding small items or a longer upright model for storing clothing, hand tools or power tools. A new trend in industrial storage is recycled polyethylene plastic, which boasts durability and more attractive colors. Look for a locker with a base that reaches the floor to eliminate the need to clean underneath.

Industrial Racking and Shelving

The next level in an industrial storage system is racks and shelving, which will be necessary to keep everything neat, tidy and off the ground. Offices and small industrial workspaces often require metal or wire utility shelving to organize and store product, as these materials are sturdy yet adjustable. If you cannot predict how your inventory needs may change in the near future, go with basic, no-frills industrial shelving that can be expanded later on with the addition of more units.

Warehouses or distribution centers that use skids and pallets will need specialized pallet storage that maximizes the space to fit in a large amount of inventory. Pallet rack systems are versatile sets of load-bearing and support beams that can be arranged to fit your unique space. These systems can easily be expanded or customized according to how your goods will need to be stored, and can be very affordable. However, accessories like pallet stackers and forklifts will be necessary to access your pallets, so be sure to design your system to be functional as well as space-saving.

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