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Storing goods can be a complicated endeavor, especially for large-scale retailers that use warehouses and distribution centers. While you will find a modest variety of commercial shelves, industrial racking is another story—many racks are designed for specific dimensions, shapes of the goods to be stored and the weight of the load. Designing a racking system to suit your space, your product and your business habits will require some forethought and consideration.

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Types of Industrial Racking

There are a several industrial racking systems available to suit a variety of goods and spaces. Cantilever systems are designed with oversized or bulky inventory in mind, as they have no vertical frames on the sides to interfere with stocking longer items. This will be the ideal industrial storage rack for lumber, tubing or furniture, but it probably won't provide enough support for shorter, heavy boxes or skids. Pallets or skids will need to be stored in pallet rack systems, which can be customized to fit pallets of varying sizes and have a sturdy design that allows pallets to be stacked as high as your building allows.

Some racks are designed to allow for the easy movement of inventory, like gravity racks or flow racks. These racks use the wheels of gravity conveyors to move heavy items easily from one side of the rack to the other—product is picked from the front of the rack, and extra inventory is stored behind. If your product does not require frequent rotation, look into drive-in pallet racks that can store large loads of goods with the help of forklifts. Although this type of rack is space-saving and economical, you won't have access to the products at the very back until you remove all of the goods that are stored in front.

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An industrial rack can be constructed from a variety of materials, so it will be important to determine your specific business needs before you can choose the right storage rack. Steel wire racking is lightweight and tends to stay clean, but it is not suited to heavy loads. Most industrial racking is made of aluminum, steel or durable composite materials. Although metal racking is the most popular, if your business plans to store caustic materials or your workplace needs to withstand high heat, consider composite materials like fiberglass.

Industrial racking can be a big investment, so choose carefully and shop around for the best prices. Redirack is a trusted company that specializes in customizable pallet racks, and sells racking parts to add onto existing racking systems. Other sturdy brands are available from a variety of retailers, so browse online to find the right system for the right price. The best deal will be to buy a used industrial storage rack—although you may have to dig a little deeper for a rack that will work in your space, you can get a huge discount on a quality storage system. Check out Yankee Supply, an online company that has a particularly wide selection of used industrial racks and shelving.

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